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New Year, New Recruiter

By Dana Harris

A new year is almost upon us.  Where did 2010 go, anyway?  I like this time of year at work.  Many of my coworkers and hiring managers are taking time off.  The phone is quieter.  This precious down time gives me an opportunity to reflect on my year, my accomplishments, and my downfalls.  What did I do really well?  Where can I improve?  How did those 10 extra pounds sneak up on me?

I feel like I did a better job this year with seizing opportunities.  When a nurse decides to look at new opportunities, I, as the recruiter, must move!  I know that my hospital and my unit have the very best opportunity for him/her, but he/she may not know that yet.  I must sell the hospital, sell the unit, sell the organization and sell myself, fast!  This year I acted as if every candidate already had another offer from a competing hospital.  That mindset created a sense of urgency that I need to have as a recruiter.  Even if the candidate is only looking at my opportunities, I have a chance to really impress them with a smooth and efficient interviewing and hiring process.  So that is one thing I did well this year.  I guess I should include a downfall.  Darn.

My biggest area for improvement this year would have been my pipeline.  I must work to think past a singular opportunity for each nurse I touch.  Just because my current opportunity may not have been the best match for them, an opportunity I have in six months might be perfect.  I need to continue to work with future openings in mind and do a better job of keeping in contact with nurses from the past.  I’m working on it.  My partners in healthcare recruitment are nothing short of genius.  They are using technology and social media to create constant interest, build relationships and stay in front of good nurses for today and the future.  One of my goals in 2011 is to continue to learn from my coworkers and build on their skills so that I can continue to reach and stay in touch with the caliber of nurses my healthcare organization deserves!

So what about you?  What did you do well?  Where can you improve in 2011?  I recommend that you take some time over the next week, while the numbers of emails you receive are down and the phone is being mercifully quiet, to think about how awesome you were this year and how much more awesome you can be next year.  Reflection is good for the recruiter’s soul.  Enjoy the holidays, relax and refresh with friends and family.  Then come back next year ready to exceed even your highest expectations!

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